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Pretty sure all I wanted was a great big bear hug
Last night I dreamt I was visiting an ex. He had completely hulked out and was also wearing a shoulder length wig that he would periodically remove and spin around on his finger. We were at his mom's house and the scene kept switching from me peeking at him while he was asleep and wanting a cuddle to the garage where I was examining his collection of tools and different kinds of gloves and imagining the purposes for each and how he looked when he used them. At one point I decided that I needed to make us something to eat so I fumbled around the kitchen for a while unable to choose which spices I should put on his tomato sandwich. Every once in a while throughout the entire dream the scenario would become too overwhelming for me and I would fall back in the 2 feet of water that filled the whole house and had apparently been there all along. I would lie on the floor beneath the water with my arms crossed over my chest like a mummy, holding my breath and watching the bubbles float to the surface watching everyone move about and interact through the water. Nobody had a problem with that. I would rise up soaking wet for a split second and out of breath. I would be dry an instant later and feel much better.


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