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shetrotsthemoon's Journal

5 January
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treasury of gravel
abstaining from wearing undergarments, accepting the inevitable, adventures, all sorts of traveling, apathy, apocalyptic thoughts, art, bad reality tv, ballarinas, beach drinking, beauty, beer in bed, being a little girl, being lazy, bike riding, boathouses, books in baths, bows in my hair, boys who make-up poetry, boys with motorcycles, bubble baths, building towers of beer, camping, caring for loved ones, chapstick, chemistry, codependent relationships, coloring books, comebacks, dancing, downtown discussions, dreams, dress up, driving by myself, drunken mini golf, escaping from society, facebook status updates, fairy tales, family board game night, flowers for no reason, focusing on now, forehead kisses, fourth meal, friendship bracelets, group smoking, hand holding, hide and go seek, high heels, house parties, ice cream, independent living, keeping secrets, kite flying, late nights, leaping about, learning languages, live music, living life, love, lunch dates, make believe, making fun, making things, making up stories, mani/pedis, minimalism, mix tapes, motorcycles, movie nights, movies, music, my friends, my puppy, mythical creatures, naps, naturally curly hair, nice teeth, not waking up alone, pen pals, people who believe conspiracies, personal evolution, personal libraries, philosophy, phone tetris, playing tag, poetry, pointed toes, porch reading, puddle jumping, reading, religion, road trips, secret missions, seduction, self actualization, sing alongs, singing like a madwoman, sleep overs, slip n' slides, staring at the ceiling, supertramps, swings and slides, temporary tattoos, the beach, the morning after, the n, the open minded people, the void, thinking dreams are real, treehouses, truth, twirly swishy billowing skirts, twisting and shouting, video games, walking all alone, wine walks, word games, writing