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twenty eleven
Oh love I can't claim, you put demons inside only you can remove. Wrap symbols round my neck, bind the spirit in a ritual dance dervish lusty grove. Place hands and lips ignorant of calming or burning skin. Blessed mouth, soothe and control this possession, question and command my response, hasten deliverce from this delightful curse. You are the devil in the form of blue light circling my head as I simmer in burning coal. Ask it, "why are you kept within the possessed?" Saying words I wished I heard, holding me in captivity. I talk to walls tell them how I miss a person to walk with. This love has a soul, an agenda of its own, meeting crazies and acting mad loving all of the abstract creating unreality and reveling in possibility waking me from sleep with visions of what could be. Surrounded and confused where are you when I need you? Come to me dream lover, give me tastes to get through this wait. Ache with me, kiss smiles on my face Flaplove in my chest. Imagine your fingers between mine limbs twine. See you toss in sleep and how your hair looks in waking under watchful lights. Single minded to the point of recklessness, desperate for arms to hold me, choke me. Arms refusing to let go. Need to be kissed, need to kiss when kisses cross my lips, need to give and take and give by taking everything. How she babbles and such. Oh dear, I've said too much.
Goodnight sweet boy.


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